My paintings can now be found in Art-O-Mat machines across the country! If you aren’t familiar with Art-O-Mat, I’m providing a link to their site here! Want more info?  Here is the Wiki link. Deciding to repurpose old cigarette vending machines to provide affordable art is sheer genius! I was privileged to be made a member of the Art-O-Mat team of artists and perhaps, one of my paintings brought you here to this site.

While the Art-O-Mat blocks are fun to create, I also enjoy creating more traditional art.  These lovely little acrylic canvases are sized perfectly to be displayed on miniature easels! Making miniature art is incredibly satisfying for me and hopefully, enjoyable for you!  Browse the site.  I’ve pastel mini-paintings, acrylic paintings on canvases, and who knows what next!  Glad you are here, and feel free to sign up for my Masterpiece Monday emails!

I am so grateful to God, that He opened this door in my life.  Who knew that a new life was just waiting for me around the corner - and such a colorful new life at that!



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