Masterpiece Monday - April 8


Hard to believe it’s almost Monday agaln! (I say almost Monday as I have to publish this on Sunday to get it to go out on Monday.)

I’m finding I like creating my artwork, far more than I like trying to market it, or mess with my computer.  Lots of computer issues this week. 

Fortunately, God is blessing my sales right now and I feel He is leading me to continue on in this venture for now.  

Today’s post is of a new painting up in my shop.  It’s a bit of a throwbackas it’s one of my PanPastel ACEO paintings.  And one I really love.  I like the dreaminess of Pans.  So soft - almost velvety.

I’m thinking I need to dig my Pans our and do a bit of painting with them.  I’m also thinking of shooting a video showing the creation of one.  What do you think?  Would you all like to see something like that?

Well, Here is my lovely!  Hope you enjoy the view!


Till Next time!


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