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Masterpiece Monday - April 8

Hard to believe it’s almost Monday agaln! (I say almost Monday as I have to publish this on Sunday to get it to go out on Monday.)

I’m finding I like creating my artwork, far more than I like trying to market it, or mess with my computer.  Lots of computer issues this week. 

Fortunately, God is blessing my sales right now and I feel He is leading me to continue on in this venture for now.  

Today’s post is of a new painting up in my shop.  It’s a bit of a throwbackas it’s one of my PanPastel ACEO paintings.  And one I really love.  I like the dreaminess of Pans.  So soft - almost velvety.

I’m thinking I need to dig my Pans our and do a bit of painting with them.  I’m also thinking of shooting a video showing the creation of one.  What do you think?  Would you all like to see something like that?

Well, Here is my lovely!  Hope you enjoy the view!


Till Next time!


Masterpiece Monday - April 1

Hello again!

Monday again, already! And April first as well! No April  Fools jokes here, though  

Besides posting my up and coming addition to my sales gallery, I decided to make a short video about the supplies I use to create my miniature paintings  

Today’s mini masterpiece is one of my favorites , from my “Just Keep Swimming” series  (And, yes, I am a Dory fan.)

just keep swimming copy.jpg

And for today’s video click below!

Till next time!


Springtime in Indiana - Monday March 25

Happy  Monday!  It’s been a busy week here at Miniature Masterpieces!  I have four new canvases up for sale and new listings on eBay.  I’ve started a few new series’ - ”Welcome to My Garden” and a ”Lone Wolf” Series (posting soon on that one!)

Here are a few examples of what you will find on eBay this week.  (My screen name is RainbowSpirit (chosen before Rainbow took on a sub-culture meaning all it’s own.)


Click on pictures for eBay info!


ACEO’s (Artist Card Originals and Editions) are a collectors dream! These little gems are 2.5” by 3.5” (think baseball card size) and painted on Strathmore canvas paper.  (Easels are additional.) 

I’m thinking of posting a few videos of the process of painting my mini art … sound interesting?  Let me know!

Till next Monday …


Masterpiece Monday - Feb 11

Welcome to another Masterpiece Monday.  It is COLD here in Northwest Indiana!  We have had some of the coldest weather that has been seen in decades.  Wind chills down to the -50’s!  That’s cold!

I’ve taken advantage of this time to sip on tea and create a few new ACEO’s that are now up and running on eBay.  My eBay screen name is “RainbowSpirit."

I’ve also begun another series of blocks for Art-O-Mat.  I really enjoy painiting on these tiny wooden blocks.  (Think cigarette-box size!)

I’ve done a few new wrapped canvases for this site as well; they should be up in my store shortly!

Drop me a note and let me know your favorites!  Are you a fan of ACEO’s?  ArtOMat? Tiny canvases?

And remember, I’m available for commission work as well.

Happy Monday to you all!

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Todays Featured Painting:

"Calm Waters" Collection

beach 9 Sep 30, 2013 2-36 PM 742x635.JPG

Click on the painting to see slideshow details!

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The site is still slowly transitioning over from the old site, so paintings are being added!

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Taa Daahhhh! Open for business! (Almost)

Welcome to the new site!  It's a slow transition.  It only seemed to make sense to pull the mini's out of the drawnbydeni site and move them here as they are paintings and not drawings!  Hopefully things will get transferred over fairly quickly.  If you are interested in any of the works before the shopping baskets are up, just drop me a quick note on the contact me page. I've a show coming up the end of the month, so my available paintings might change fairly quickly.  Also, I've painted many new ones that I can post after the show as well.  I'll be adding more and more as the days go by, so keep a sharp look out!

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