Why Miniature Art?


The Impressionists opened the miniature art market to the  buying public when they began trading, or selling, their art miniatures in exchange for art supplies or room and board. Artists would also trade these tiny works  amongst themselves. These treasures could be made using many different mediums.  

 I was drawn to tiny art when my deteriorating physical condition made drawing and painting difficult.  However, by working on miniature-sized surfaces, I was still able to draw and paint.  

Enter PanPastel, a remarkable new medium that clicked with my painting style. My passion is using PanPastel's to create soft and dreamy little gems infused with amazingly soft and brilliant color.

Artwork sized 2.5" x 3.5”  (my preferred format, although I do paint in other formats at times)  has become a new art phenomena. 

These miniature works of art provide the opportunity to own art work that might otherwise be unaffordable.  

You will find two galleries of my ACEOs on this site: Those available for sale/trade and those already  in private collections.  

Often, I am asked to create a painting based on a specific subject or theme.  Commission work is accepted.  Here is a link to a miniature I created for a client.  Portrait of Nikki” I may be contacted through the email me tab at the top of the page - or just click on the This Link.

Visit my paintings for sale HERE and my collector’s gallery of my paintings in private collections around the world HERE.

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